Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we try to answer the most common questions our prospective customers might have.

Do we take credit cards and debit?

Yes we have a mobile device we can bring to any cleaning or junk removal job. We can even email you a receipt on the spot. Just mention you wish to pay by credit card or debit.

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Do you take old cans of paint?

Yes, we will absolutely get rid of your old, unwanted paint.

Do you do estate cleans?

Yes. We have plenty of experience helping family find their way through the sometimes daunting task of dealing with their loved one's belongings and cleaning. Call us. We are here to help.

Do you clean brand new homes for builders?

Yes. We get rid of construction debris and clean the homes from top to bottom. We vacuum air ducts, clean all the windows in the home, clean dust out of all the cupboards, vacuum all the floors and mop where needed. The new homes are literally cleaned from top to bottom like any new product that is to be sold.


Do we do landscaping?

We cut grass for customers but NO we do NOT get into actual landscaping. We like to stick with what we are good at and that is all types of cleaning and junk/scrap removal

Do you charge more for taking away shingles?

Yes, shingles are very heavy and therefore cost us more to get rid of when it comes to dump fees. Call us anytime and we can get you a quote.

Do you clean offices?

Yes. We have many years of experience cleaning offices and other commercial places. Call us. We are here to help.

Do you clean apartment buildings?

Yes. We clean apartment units and common areas of apartment buildings almost every day.

Do you do junk removal all year long?

Yes we do. We try not to let any type of weather stop us from serving our customers. Local dumps are closed on Sundays.

Do you take furniture to Goodwill?

Yes. We can do this for you. Keep in mind that there are certain things they do not take. We encourage you to call them first.

Do you do one time cleans?

Yes. Whether you need a cleaning lady once a week or just need a place cleaned one time if your cleaning lady is sick, we offer one time cleaning services in Sarnia Lambton.

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